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7 Word strength Statement

Do this ONE thing to get a boost and perform better mentally, physically, or emotionally any time, any place.

When frustrated, upset, down, irritated, or jut not yourself, take a few seconds and do this ONE thing to get your head back in the game of life and start performing better.

STEP 1 | Write down inspiring words

  • Write down 10 words that inspire you. They can be qualities that you wish to had more of AND/OR amazing characteristics you already poses but don't always exude.

Ex. Confident, courageous, caring, loving, nurturing, patient, bold, authentic, giving, charitable, dedicated, focused, free-spirited, charismatic, assertive, clear, radiant, pure, determined, outrageous, unrestrained, etc...

Step 2 | Choose 7 of your 10 words

  • When you have 10 or more words written down, go back through them and circle your top 7 words that really resinate, inspire, or evoke a positive emotion.

Step 3 | Craft a Sentence

  • Use your 7 powerful words to craft an affirmation sentence. It doesn't have to grammatically make sense. Keep in mind it doesn't need to be perfect, play around and tweak it as needed. Have fun!

Ex. I am pure and in-tune, I give boldly with contagious energy and authenticity

Step 4 | The most important STEP!!

  • Recite this sentence several times a day! Incorporate it into your daily routines.


-Write it down every morning and every night.

-Say it aloud throughout the day. (in the car, while getting dressed, etc..)

-Put it on your bathroom mirror, on the dashboard of our car, etc...

-Set alarms throughout the day to remind you to recite it.

-Craft a different sentence each month or each quarter to give you the strength you need for the season you're in.

If you only do what you KNOW you can do, you never discover what you COULD do.

Don't just try it, commit to doing this for one week and notice what happens. Pretty soon you won't need to recite it because it's who you are.


*Share your positive experiences with me! I'd love to hear your wins and other experiences from using your strength statement.

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