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Don’t let the clean shaved face and cheerful demeanor fool you. I’m a gristly mountain man at heart yet I’m trapped in the body of a contagiously optimistic, high on life kind of guy.


I loved my job in luxury hospitality but left it to pursue my ultimate dream of being an adventure coach (life coach amped up on mountain endorphins)

The good times were days spent skiing with celebrities, dining with musicians and hosting influencers and the one percenters but deep down inside, I wasn’t living my biggest life.  Something had to change, I needed to say “no” to my corporate job so that I could say “yes” to pursing my dream job full time!


My wife and kids are my everything and closely behind them is my love for the outdoors and for pushing my physical and mental boundaries. I live by the motto, if you only do what you KNOW you can do, you never discover what you COULD do.  


I’m fueled by and thrilled to achieve goals in unconventional ways. This drive and curiosity has led me to being a sponsored rollerblade athlete, gear tester, outdoor video director, and ski model. Some of those titles might be self-proclaimed but they all have a story and a handful of lessons and experiences that have led me to who I am today and will propel me into who I will become.


We don’t always have control of our situations in life, but we do have control of our minds and how we choose to see the world and that gives me power, because the choice is mine.


We may not be able to control the wind but we do control the sails.   

FAct or FIction 





Miles Roller- Bladed
Starbursts Consumed
Mountain Peaks Summited 
Soccer Juggling Record