Don’t let the clean shaved face and cheerful demeanor fool you. I’m a stoic mountain man at heart yet I’m trapped in the body of a quick-to-laugh, high on life kind of guy.


My career in luxury hospitality led me to live in Maui, Hawaii, Sundance, Utah and Sun Valley, Idaho before leaving that day job to pursue my dream job of being a performance coach. Some of my greatest fulfillment comes from empowering people across the globe to know and live their limitless potential. 

I have a soft spot for working parents and love helping them win back their days, their minds, bodies and life. Goals are like a moving target when kids and family distractions seem to be around every corner, but it makes achieving them that much sweeter. 


My wife and kids are my ultimate adventure and closely behind them is my love for the outdoors, pushing peaks, backcountry skiing, kayaking, and mountain biking single track. 


I love dreaming up goals and achieving them in unconventional ways. This dreaming and scheming has led me to be a sponsored rollerblade athlete, gear tester, outdoor video director, and ski model. All of which have a fun story to tell, backed by a lot of lessons learned. 


FAct or FIction 





Miles Roller- Bladed
Starbursts Consumed
Mountain Peaks Summited 
Soccer Juggling Record
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