Why should I work with a coach?

To get and maintain the results you want faster, more efficiently, and with a better understanding of yourself and the situation. People don't NEED coaches to get by and to survive however the greatest value I see in working with a coach is they excellerate the pace, they hold the agenda and they are relentless in helping to keep people motivated, focused, inspired and connected to what is most important.

What is performance coaching?

Performance coaching is the difference in people showing up in life or delivering their absoliute best performance in life. Each persons performance is affected by different things from limiting beliefs, doubts or fears to physical or environemental challenges that need to be navigated. Either way, performance coaching tackles goals and achieves results from relentless focus, increased discipline and building people up from the inside out to take on their challenges and achieve their highest results.

I don't need a coach, do I?

Everyone can benefit from a coach. We live in a world of "I'm good" so sometimes on the surface it is easy to think we dont NEED a coach. However after relecting for a few moments people seem to always identify an area of their life that can be improved. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being freaking stellar how would your rate the following areas of your life? Relationships? Personal development? Career satisfaction? Health? Spiritual? Nature? If you were not a 10 in all of those categories, why not? Let's talk...


How many retreats are available to sign up for?

Currently there is just one retreat at the end of August however if more people apply than we can accomodate we might open other weekends. Once word gets out and the retreats start filling up we will be opening up more retreats in Alaska, Idaho, and Southern Utah.

Can my company pay for me to attend?

Absolutely! Individuals or companies can pay to attend the retreat and recieve the months of coaching that follows. Whether you want to come personally or send your entire team we can make that happen.

Is this more business related or personal?

Each client comes with different goals and different results they're striving to achieve. As a result the retreat lays a foundation that is applicable for all goals and all levels of performance. The months that follow the retreat of 1:1 coaching is where we get really specific about gaining new tools or focussing on things specifically related to the individual.

Why do I have to apply for the Adventure Coaching Retreat?

The retreat is a high performance experience where the group will be doing strenuous and physically demanding activities. As a measure of safety and to maximize the group experience we have an application process to help create the best group dynamic for optimal results. If people apply but are not accepted, they will be invited to participate in either a private adventure coaching experience or forego the retreat and enroll in performance coaching.