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How you do anything is how you do everything. 


What is coaching?

Coaching is one on one meetings where professional coaching techniques and exercises are used to deepen the learning and understanding of an individual. Goals and dreams are clarified, obstacles are navigated and a path to greater fulfillment is explored to achieve and maintain success. 


Who USEs


Individuals who are willing to invest in themselves and their futures use coaches to take their intentions, hopes and desires and turn them into a reality. From work fulfillment to health and wellness, relationships, adventure and personal growth, coaches help their clients stay focussed, accountable and motivated to honor their best self and start living their dreams.


Corporations us coaches to grow their employees and leaders to maximize their potential and grow them into more inspired, motivated and empowered team members to contribute to the overall success of their organizations.  



I help people live more fulfilled lives by helping them learn who they are, live more passionately and empower them to start living their dreams.

I’m contagiously optimistic, naturally positive, and love making life an adventure. I bring all of who I am to my clients and I expect them to do the same. I fully engage to stretch, grow and expand my clients. True growth occurs when people are pushed beyond comfort zones and challenged beyond mental barriers, and that is exactly what I promise to do. 



This sample session is a no-strings-attached way for me to learn your story, what makes you who you are and the challenges you might be facing in pursuit of your goals. I...
Sample Session
45 min

The enemy of the best

is the good.



For the first time in 29 years I was able to balance my life so I could show up present, grateful, and enthusiastic everyday, in every interaction- Dave helped me get there. His ability to ask questions that help you uncover what you really want for your life is nothing short of magic.

Lauren | Utah


Curious about adventure coaching or coaching in general? Let's talk about it! What questions or concerns do you have? I'm an open book and tend to keep things real and entertaining.